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#sorrynotsorry - it's going to be tough to choose!


All our bars come in Big and Little sizes – and both are satisfyingly chunky. They break up very nicely if you can bear to share – and they make wonderful gifts!

What’s your TEMPRD fave?



Perfect pairings for an autumn cuppa…

Caramel Apple Crumble

A comforting pudding, in bar form – caramel and apple pieces accompany yummy buttery shortbread, tumbled into our luxury milk chocolate.

Try it with:  a proper cup of builder’s tea

Dark Honeycomb

It’s like autumn in a chocolate bar – a rich hit of chocolate with a honeycomb crunch that makes us think of bonfires and sparklers, cosy blankets and log fires.

Try it with: black coffee, for a truly decadent treat

Creamy White

Sometimes you just want unadulterated, pure chocolate – and that’s what our Creamy White bar gives you. An indulgent sweet treat which will lift your spirits any time of day.

Try it with: something fizzy – pretend it’s still summer!