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No Bull

Straightforward, simply good chocolate

zero faff, fully committed

We wouldn’t make chocolate if it wasn’t sustainably sourced – we love a tasty treat, but only if it’s good for our environment too. Here’s our No Bull ethos!

There’s a lot of noise in the world, and we didn’t want to add to that – so our No Bull commitment to sustainability was born.


We’re proud to create our chocolate in a beautiful corner of the Essex countryside, and use local ingredients wherever we can – including Maldon Sea Salt, from the same town as us.

Our packaging and promo materials are all designed in Essex, printed in Maldon, and sourced in the UK – we really do care about this stuff.

You’ll spot our bull with a UK flag behind him on some of our boxes and at events – we want to encourage everyone to shop local and support small business!


We want to contribute to a better world for people and nature, which is why we source our chocolate responsibly.

The cocoa in the chocolate we buy means that farmers manage their land more sustainably, protect the environment, and benefit from improved livelihoods.

We’ll update this section as soon as we have our formal approval 🙂

We only use palm oil in our inclusions, and what we do use is RSPO certified and sustainable. 

Screw You, Plastic!

We really hate single use plastic and the impact it has on the environment – so we’re committed to eliminating it from our company.

Our processes and final products are entirely free of single use plastic. We’re also working to remove single use plastic from our supply lines wherever possible.

This extends to our packaging . All our packaging, from display stands in our stockists, to wholesale delivery boxes and even the boxes that your chocolate arrives in when you order from us, is cardboard except for a plastic base in the display units. And that’s recyclable!

Screw you, plastic!


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