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Meet our chocolate bars

So chunky they practically have personality...

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Chunky, loud, sweet & proud – all our chocolate bars at TEMPRD have some serious flavour. This is as close as we could get to online tasting sessions…

Caramel Apple Crumble

Crumbly shortbread, chewy caramel and delectable apple pieces folded into milk chocolate.

Sweet and tangy at once, this is a pudding in a bar and ridiculously moreish.

Maldon Sea Salt & Caramel

Milk chocolate blended with caramel fudge pieces and just the right amount of Maldon sea salt.

We couldn’t resist a salted caramel AND local option… and we think you’ll love it!

Honeycomb & Popping Candy

Crunchy honeycomb accompanies little crackles of popping candy, swirled into milk chocolate.

It’s honeycomb, but delightfully unexpected – and makes an excellent treat any time.

Lemon & Blueberry Cheesecake

Lemon pieces and crumbly digestive biscuits swirled into blueberry flavoured white chocolate.

Cheesecake in bar form – what more could you want from chocolate?!

Peanut Butter & Pistachio

Crunchy peanut butter (the best kind) and pistachio nuts, perfectly combined in smooth milk chocolate.

It’s a sophisticated blend which somehow also works at midnight feasts…

Eton Mess

Sweet raspberry pieces and fluffy meringue folded into raspberry flavoured white chocolate.

Essentially summer in a bowl, and absolutely definitely suitable all year round!

Coconut Caramel Crunch

Coconut flakes folded into luxury milk chocolate with perfect salted caramel crunchy bits.

It brings two classics together – with added crunch!

Dark Honeycomb

Decadent 55% dark chocolate blended with delightful crunchy honeycomb.

It’s grown up, rich and light at once, and definitely worthy of a secret stash for those moments where only chocolate will do.

Dark Peppermint

55% dark mint chocolate studded with peppermint crystals for the perfect mint chocolate experience.

Traditionally for after dinner, we think this works after (or in between) any meal!

Smooth Milk

Smooth luxury Belgian milk chocolate – a perfect hit of chocolatey goodness.

If you like your chocolate chunky, plain and silky smooth, this is the bar for you.

Decadent Dark

Decadent luxury Belgian 55% dark chocolate, for a dairy-free chocolate fix any time of day.

Looking for straightforward dark chocolate which is rich and chunky? This is the one!

Creamy White

Chunky, creamy, luxury Belgian white chocolate. A perfect pick-me-up or sweet treat.

Simple, but far from ordinary – and really hits the spot when you’re craving sweetness!

Dark Espresso & Walnut

Rich 55% dark chocolate with an espresso twist and walnut pieces, for a delicious coffee hit.

We recommend it for any time you’d drink coffee – including breakfast!

Orange Crisp

Deliciously crispy puffed rice pieces, stirred into zingy orange milk chocolate.

A firm favourite for all seasons – and an instant hit when we introduced it!

Can’t decide? Have a browse of the whole shop!